Au roi des radis


Au roi des radis

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The unusual

The Saint André lime kilns

Alongside the Escaut the ancient Saint Andre Lime Kilns are monumental constructions which bear witness to the industrial history of the Tournai region.
The FAMAWIWI foundation (of which we are members) has a renovation project of the site. The idea is to ally Art and Remembrance .
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The museums

Museum of fine arts of Tournai

As well as being a Ceramist, Martine is a qualified Art Historian who has taught Art and Design for many years at the Art College . She is more than happy to help you discover the treasures of this museum built by the architect Victor Horta, who initiated Art Nouveau in Belgium.

Le MAC’s : the Grand Hornu museum of contemporary art

The remarkable architecture of the Grand Hornu is the work of a local man Bruno Renard. Built in the purest Neo Classic style it incorporates the whole mining works , the masters residence known as the “Chateau de Gorge” and some 450 workman houses known locally as Coron .
The Museum of Contemporary Art of the French Community of Belgium (MAC’s) hosts numerous exhibitions , cultural activities and events , linked to its unique design .