Au roi des radis


Au roi des radis

The greenhouse and the garden

The greenhouse

This historical greenhouse is dating from the early 18th century and was destined to be demolished. It belonged to the well known botanist from Tournai, Barthelemy du Mortier (1797-1878) who was the founder of the Daily Paper “Le Courrier de l’Escaut” as well as being an extremely well known Tournai statesman.

Renovated and reassembled in our garden, you will be able to enjoy its relaxing atmosphere as well as enjoy breakfast there.

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The garden

You will be able to enjoy the vast garden redesigned in the spirit of a “Vicar’s garden”.
Surrounded by a high brick wall the garden covers about one third of an acre and boasts many fruit trees planted and cut back in such a way as to offer natural divides between the various vegetable plots. There is a Bamboo planted garden and a rose walkway. Flowers and produce grow side by side. A delightful Water pond full of irises and water lily is a feature of this varied and well maintained garden.

The sculptures

The animation in the garden is provided by Martine’s earth sculptures. She is the resident artist. She is more than happy to share her passion with you.